The Pros and Cons Of Those “Disney Dick” Pics

disneydickYesterday Jezebel posted a gallery of cartoons depicting a selection of Disney princes naked, with particular attention paid to how their genitals would look. They did this after asking people in the office to speculate on the size, shape and general appearance of the princes’ dicks, as an aspect of their character’s personality. Gawker Media staff illustrator Tara Jacoby brought these descriptions to life.

When I first saw the pics, I had a couple of responses. The immediate one was glee – hooray, penises! (I’m a pornographer after all) – but then I felt kinda uncomfortable. Part of that is because those images are imposing an adult sexuality onto what are essentially sexless characters created for children. It seems a little creepy to do this. Perhaps I’m just a prude; I’ve never been able to laugh at people’s sexual jokes regarding the Muppets because those characters are so close to my heart and I want them to be forever a favourite part of my childhood. Adding a sexual element ruins it for me. The same applies here.


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I also felt that the decision to describe the “perfect” penis with regards to size and cut/uncut status was problematic. I’ll admit that in my early porn days, I often marketed the idea of “big dicks” to women but I’ve stopped doing that because I know that all penises are wonderful, no matter how they look and it doesn’t help guys to have this unrealistic standard when it comes to cocks.

Emily Shire at The Daily Beast makes this point and more in her piece criticizing the Jezebel post. She says it’s hypocritical of Jezebel to do this, given their outrage over the “sexualization” of Disney princesses. She doesn’t accept that it’s OK to do this in the name of the female gaze:

The fact that women have born the brunt of bodily pressures and insecurities should make us all the more sensitive to it when we see it towards men. The double standard of sexualization is hypocritical at best and ineffectively vindictive at worse.

I’ve long been an advocate of equal objectification. Women have the right to admire the male body in a sexualized way, especially since it’s been denied us for so long. Because of this I tend to cheer when I see media finally attempting to cater to female sexuality – e.g. Buzzfeed’s almost constant “hot guy” photo posts. So in that, I applaud Jezebel for standing up for women’s right to look. At the same time, I don’t think they did it very well with this post, mainly because they included a shitload of judgement and possible negativity with it. If we’re going to perv, let’s at least do it nicely, girls.

The post also started me musing about how far we’ve come since I started creating porn in 2000. For so long, the penis has been hidden from view and society has told us that cocks – and the male body in general – were unattractive. When I started, the simple act of publishing a naked photo of a man was revolutionary. Now, it’s standard. The fact that today there is a post discussing in detail men’s genitalia purely from an objectification perspective is something of a watershed for women’s sexual – and pornographic – liberation. It shows how today’s women have embraced their right to look and to admire men and how a pornographic female gaze is now par for the course.

I’m so happy to see this… and I’m also feeling a bit over the hill. What was revolutionary to me is an everyday thing to today’s young women. Hooray for progress! (And boo to getting old!)

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  1. doesn’t surprise me at all….self described feminists have been slagging men on dick size forever…would you like me to post 100s of links to prove my point?…Jezebel as far as they go have been racist concerning this topic too boot.There was a BS world dick size map circulateed a few years ago and it brought some serious hate out of the woodwoek online by self described feminist and femalecentric sites…..not saying ALL feminists do this but there sure are a helluva lot these days doing it and its straight up misandry any way you slice it….just like judging women on boobs,looks,age,weight etc..but were talking about a sex organ here and YOUR business worships the big dick
    ironically and also uses RACE in dispicable fashion…sorry im done but this shit pisses me offense

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