‘Dear Jiz’ and ‘Spider Woman’ Now At Pink Label TV

spiderwomancover dearjizcover

Last year in Toronto I got to work with two of the biggest names in feminist and queer porn: Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee. The resulting short films, Dear Jiz and Fist of the Spider Woman, have played at numerous film festivals around the world. They’re available in the member’s area of Bright Desire.

I decided to also offer these two films on queer video on demand site Pink Label TV. This means each film can be watched individually. I figured they’d find a wider queer audience on Pink Label than they would on my more straight-laced site.


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Watch Dear Jiz

Watch Fist of the Spider Woman

Pink Label’s press release says “Both films are well polished and offer a refreshing new prospective on contemporary pornography.

Pink Label has a wide variety of feminist porn ranging from high-end productions to indie, amateur films. The focus is primarily queer content but if you’re after something hetero there’s films by Annie Sprinkle, Jennifer Lyon Bell and Petra Joy. And me, of course; my male masturbation film The Thought Of Her is there too.

Here are the trailers for both films: