Festivals, Panels and Filming, Oh My!

berlinpornfilmfest2013Things have been very busy here at Castle Naughty.

By the way, that’s the first time I’ve called my home Castle Naughty but I think I’ll stick with it. It has a certain delusion of grandeur that suits my current legend-in-my-own-lunchtime status. It’s not quite as good as Castle Anthrax and there’s no oral-sex-obsessed nuns but it does have internal plumbing and a nice view of the fundamentalists, plus a free bonus beard.

Anyway, there’s a lot happening here at Castle Naughty so here’s a post all about it.

Berlin Porn Film Festival 2013

The BPFF is on right now and naturally I’m wishing I was there with all of my people. This year’s festival has Jiz Lee, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Liandra Dahl, Carlyle Jansen, Aiden Starr, Wolf Hudson, Lisa Vandever, Wendy Delorme and Sadie Delune in attendance along with a whole bunch of others. Part of the magic of Berlin is the opportunity to hang out with porn people, have amazing discussions and to also take in the creative work of others. I always find it inspiring. This year I decided to spend money on filmmaking rather than travelling there… but I still wish I could have gone.


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Even so, I have two films screening this year: Dear Jiz, which I made with Jiz in Toronto in April, and An Open Letter To My Lovers, Friends and Mentors my collaboration with Australian feminist stripper and academic Zahra Stardust. Here’s the BPFF program. Dear Jiz appears in the Lesbian Porn program on Friday and Saturday and An Open Letter is in the Queen Porn session on Friday and Sunday (it’s listed as “Fists Are For Fucking” which was the alternate title before Zahra and I changed it).

Perv Queerotic Film Festival Sydney

The other reason why I didn’t go to Berlin is that I was asked to attend the Perv Queerotic Film Festival in Sydney from October 31 to November 3. Two of my films are screening on opening night (Oct 31) and are in competition – Dear Jiz and Kaleidogasm 2. I’m also part of the What Is Feminist Porn? panel on Friday November 1 featuring myself, Anna Brownfield, Zahra Stardust, Gala Vanting and Kath Albury. Courtney Trouble is also in town as special guest at the festival and there’s a screening of her work on Saturday November 2.

I’m honoured to be part of this event; it’s part of a wider movement in Australia of openly celebrating sexuality at forums and film screenings. I have no idea if we’ll be visited by the police for this (it may still happen) but it’s good to be able to gather with other like-minded Aussies and discuss sex, sexuality and porn.

Porn For The Rest Of Us Panel Melbourne

After the panel in Sydney I’m flying to Melbourne to take part in another panel discussion: Porn for the Rest Of Us. This one features me, Courtney Trouble, Liandra Dahl and Gala Vanting. We’ll be talking feminist porn, showing our films, telling anecdotes and taking questions from the audience. If you’re in Melbourne, please come along to this event and maybe have a chat with me afterwards. Here’s the Facebook event.

Cinekink, Melbourne

My short film Kaleidogasm screened as part of the Cinekink Melbourne event a couple of weeks ago. Gala Vanting is taking the Cinekink short films on a tour of the country very soon, starting with Lismore.

Filmmaking, Working

I’m also busy planning and shooting my feature film, which is slowly coming together scene-by-scene. I’m still looking for possible performers… I’ve had a few enquiries but I’m still looking for just the right people for this movie. It’s a little different from Bright Desire. This film is more constructed in terms of how it’s being shot because the script is about invoking sexual fantasy. So I’m not rushing it, I want to get it right.

I’m also madly trying to edit scenes for Bright Desire, promote it and keep up with all my other jobs. Things are a little stretched, I must admit. But it’s all going well.

So… there’s my update. Have a good weekend all.