Fist Of The Spider Woman

Here’s the trailer for the short film I made with Courtney Trouble in Toronto after the Feminist Porn Awards in April. It’s a queer, film noir, masturbatory ghost story, all venetian blinds, neon and saxophone music. It’s the latest in my solo voiceover series. This one is based on an erotic story that Courtney wrote in which she imagines sex with a dead lover. It has a nice, melancholy tone and gets seriously hot once Courtney gets her feet on the wall and imagines being fisted by a ghost.


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We shot this in an arty, ancient hotel in Toronto. The individually-designed room has a neon artwork outside the window and we wanted to make use of the amazing red light. It posed a few technical difficulties but I think the end result looks amazing.

The film is now live at Bright Desire.