Hot Guys

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Here’s a little promo I made for For The Girls with a bit of hot guy footage.


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I’m putting it up here because I’ve neglected my blog for a week. I meant to write up something new but my PC decided to fail today. Thankfully I’ve got it back from the geeks and it’s OK.

I’ve had a small adventure with The Guardian – they quoted me in an article about the .xxx domain here. I also have made a number of comments on the story. In the process I attracted a bunch of lovely new Twitter followers – hi there – but haven’t been giving them anything good on the blog. This will have to do for now. I have numerous long-winded things to write, just need the time to get them out of my head.

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  1. Hi Ms Naughty,

    I just read through the linked Guardian article and comments. Your comments really stood out as being the best informed, and best expressed. Usually when I see this sort of thing the comments are just a flood of pro/anti non-sense (like those of ClareLondon) that don’t actually advance the conversation at all.

    As for the issue itself (the .xxx domain) I have to agree. As the operator of an “adult site” I really don’t want to be forking out money and having the hassle to maintain yet another domain name. You summarised very nicely my attitude to this issue in your first comment:

    If you are worried about porn on the Internet then:

    – Supervise your children’s use of the Internet
    – Be prepared to talk to them about sex
    – Don’t panic

    The bottom line is that you just can’t trust anything else. We’re adults, so lets start taking the responsibility on ourselves, rather than abdicating it to techno-fixes that can’t work.

    Also, thank you for the tip on ICRA and RTA, I have been meaning to implement this sort of thing on my site and you just reminded. Now it’s done.

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