The G-Spot Is Connected To The Clitoris

Vagina sonogramThere’s a part of me that’s still rather stunned that in 2010, people are conducting research into whether “the vaginal orgasm” exists. Because for a while now, I’ve held the opinion that the concept of the vaginal orgasm is nonsense, and not just because of that lovely 1970 feminist essay The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm.

For me, the idea was put to bed in 1999 when Dr. Helen O’Connell published her ground-breaking research that revealed our little friend the clitoris is a hell of a lot bigger than anyone thought. Her anatomical studies showed the clitoris extended deep into the pelvis and surrounded the vagina and that, given the reach of the little man in the boat, any orgasms achieved through vaginal stimulation occurred via indirect stimulation of the clitoris. It’s really the most sensible explanation.


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Nonetheless there seems to be a continuing meme that says orgasms obtained via stimulation of the vagina or G-spot alone are somehow anatomically different. I don’t think the anatomy bears this out. If we consider that we don’t talk about male orgasms in terms of “penile orgasms” versus “prostate orgasms”, why do we keep making this distinction with women? Female orgasms originate in the clitoris but other forms of stimulation can set it off.

In any case, this rant has been inspired by the research detailed here which was looking into the relationship of the clitoris and the vagina during orgasm. They performed sonograms on a number of women, both at rest and when performing kegel exercises. The women were asked to identify their G-spot during the sonogram. The researchers found that clenching the pelvis brings the clitoris much closer to the vagina… and the G spot was the place where the clit came in closest.

Which suggests that the G-spot is a part of the vagina that can easily reach the clitoris. The fact that some women can’t find their G-spot can then be explained by natural anatomical differences. Indeed, the whole thing where 30% of women can get off from penetration alone suggests these lucky women won some kind of biological jackpot because their clitorises are closer to the vag.

This is speculation on my part but the research does seem to point in that direction. So, there’s your science lesson for today.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. The linked article was an interesting read too.

    It’s great to get more information out there, and get people (especially men) talking about female anatomy, orgasm, and just what feels good for women.

    Personally I am always interested to know everything that I can and hopefully continue to improve my technique as a lover.

    As noted by another commenter a while back:

    Science is sexy!

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