The History Of Internet Memes

O Rly?So, since I’m being nostalgic, allow me to introduce you to this amazing timeline: the history of internet memes. It traces the rise and fall of the various web fads that have kept us amused over the years.

Remember Mr T Ate My Balls? Or Bert Is Evil? How about the Dancing Baby or the Hamster Dance or Numa Numa? Badger Badger Badger Badger! Bananaphone! Wharbargl!


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And of course, anything is possible at (damn, that site still makes me giggle).

If I needed anything to prove that I’m getting on a bit, this site is probably it. There’s part of me thinking: how can you feel nostalgic about the internet? It’s this bright, shiny new thing where you can… oh… yeah. That’s right.