Blacked Out

Blacked Out
You may notice that I’ve changed the colour of my header image. My usual cheerful purple has been replaced by black and grey. This is because I’m taking part in the Great Australian Internet Blackout this week (24th-29th).

The blackout is part of the ongoing protests against the plan to impose a mandatory internet filter on all Australians. It’s mainly to raise awareness about the issue. I also spent a substantial part of my Saturday writing long letters to politicans in protest against the filter.


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If you’re an Australian reader, please read the EFA’s list of ways to protest against net censorship (and sign their official petition).

If you’re not Australian… well, thanks for your patience. And please be aware… your government is probably paying close attention to what’s happening here. They may well be planning their own form of online censorship. Remember that the internet poses a giant threat to those who would keep power and manipulate their populations. It’s the best tool we have for political organisation and communication. Plenty of politicians would like to take away our growing power.

And when they do it, they’ll use the excuse of “protecting the kids”. And before you know it, they’ll be “protecting” you too.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. We must fight to keep that right.

2 Replies to “Blacked Out”

  1. I completely agree. Actually, it was posts like this that helped me discover your blog. I think this is the biggest fight of our time. The classification system in Australia is broken. I also agree that Australia is making itself a beacon for the rest of the world.

    I’m working as hard as I can to see this defeated. I just wish there was more that I could do. I’ve already met all my representatives over this issue, and have given myself RSI from letter writing.

  2. I hope the best for you! Censorship is disgusting: sexuality is beautiful, and it’s those who can’t handle people sharing their bodies with the world who are the sick ones.

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