My First Premiere

I found my heart beating a little faster this week when the organisers of the Berlin Porn Film Festival sent me their catalogue for the upcoming festival. There it was, my film, scheduled to screen at 6pm on Sunday 25th October, 2009. How completely exciting!


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I remember the first time I had anything published: it was an erotic story in Australian Women’s Forum in 1997. This film premiere is kind of the same thing. I’m going to be horribly nervous, worried about whether this movie is good enough, whether the audience likes it. I’ll be watching it, picking it apart, thinking of all the bits I’d like to change.

And yet I’ll be immensely thrilled and proud that I’ve made something that’s being screened at a film festival, in a real movie theatre.

The stupid thing is that That’s What I Like has been available on For The Girls for months now and I’m sure it has now been seen by thousands of our members. Haven’t had any complaints. Still, there’s that deep-seated idea that I haven’t really made it unless I a) get a book published or b) make a movie. This first screening is a big step towards the latter option.

In the last couple of days I’ve updated Indigo Lush, the official site of my film production company. If you want to see stills from the short film or learn more, go there.

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  1. I am so jealous. I felt the same last year when JOHN played, but sadly I could not be at the festival. Congratulations Ms Naughty. Please send my regards to Jurgen and the BPFF team.



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