Abby Winters Gets Raided

Yesterday the Victorian cops raided the office of and arrested its owner Garion Hall. The raid was instigated by a journalist at the Herald Sun who provided the cops with a “dossier” on the site.

Garion has since made a statement saying no charges were laid, no hardware was taken and the police were “polite and amiable”. No doubt this won’t satisfy the Rupert Murdoch-run paper which will continue to hound the site, even if the cops aren’t particularly interested and have much better things to do.


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Even if this hasn’t become a major legal case, I’d say most of those who work in the Australian adult industry are feeling more than a little nervous, myself included.

Australians are tolerant people and survey after survey has shown that we like porn and yet our laws remain stuck in a time warp. It is illegal to produce an “objectionable film” in the states (I must admit, I didn’t know this). Of course, what qualifies as “objectionable” hasn’t been tested in court and if Abby Winters becomes the test case I’d like to see them push the issue. How many “reasonable adults” would consider that site offensive?

Fact is that Abby Winters create some of the most positive and respectful adult material that I’ve ever seen. Their rules are very strict regarding how their models are presented and I know that all the girls on the site are paid and treated exceptionally well. One of the reasons they’ve done so well is that their brand of “Australian porn” was based on respect and goodwill towards the models. Abby Winters is creating change for good by showing that you can successfully offer adult material without resulting to degrading language or acts or by grossing out the audience.

So to see our country’s ridiculous censorship laws being used against it by a journalist on a right wing “moral” crusade is pretty fucking galling.

In theory, creating an “objectionable film” extends to couples filming themselves having sex. It’s nice to know our laws are protecting people from themselves.

I really am considering emigrating.

2 Replies to “Abby Winters Gets Raided”

  1. It is one those extremely sad days when the media create the news, especially when it’s such an easy attack on sex and coming after the nonsense of authorities trying to block porn sites. As someone who loves Australians and loves watching women masturbate Abby Winters is my perfect site. Where else do you get to see real women having real orgasms?

    The idea of filming ‘objectionable material’ sounds like such a stupid law. Presumably if pushed then a certain Home & Away star should also be arrested for filming antics with former a girlfriend?

    How can filming movies be any worse in a country in which (in certain states) buying movies or paying for sex is legal?

    Don’t emigrate. The laws need great people to stand and fight them.

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