Internet Or Sex? Women Want The Web

No sex please I'm on the internetSo a survey has revealed that 46% of women would rather give up sex than their internet connection.


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The U.S. survey, which queried 2,119 adults last month, found that the gap grew even wider for both men and woman who were 18 to 34 years old. For woman, the percentage of those willing to skip the sheets in favor of the Web rose to 49 percent, while it climbed to 39 percent for men.

And for women 35 to 44 years old, the figure jumped to 52 percent.

Count me in. Although I’m not sure if I should be part of this analysis, considering the internet IS sex for me. And it’s work too.

But really. Unless I’m on holiday and deliberately disconnected, I miss the internet terribly when I don’t have it handy. And I use it all the time, to work, to write, to look up recipes, the weather, what’s on TV… Whereas sex… it’s only an occasional thing. And there’s no way to Twitter.