Hot Guy Jerking Off + Links

Lucio masturbates in the gym
Been really busy, haven’t blogged properly. So naturally I’m doing a filler post with a dirty pic and some links. The guy in the image features in our lastest male masturbation video at For The Girls, uploaded today. He’s quite the hottie, even if he does look like something of a gym junkie. Still, I’d probably be more inclined to go to the gym if more good looking guys were naked on the equipment.

There’s a few news stories I wanted to link to, a couple of them via Fleshbot.


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* The guy who organised the Mormon beefcake calendar has been excommunicated. Presumably he’ll now burn in hell for trying to make his religion a bit more appealing (the calendar sold 10,000 copies). And there goes the dream of having hunky, shirtless guys knocking on the door, handing out pamphlets.

* Apparently spas are taking up the idea of giving women a “happy ending” when they have a massage. I think there’ll be a big demand for this. I consistently see erotic massages popping up in female fantasy and sex stories so it’s definitely something women find appealing.

* The teacher who was sacked because she posed nude with her husband in Cleo has lost her battle to get her job back. She says she’ll now sue the government.