Teachers Can’t Have Sex Lives

The nude photo from Cleo magazineI have a piece of paper that says I can be a teacher. I have no intention of using it unless I’m desperate because teaching in 2008 is a shit job that is undervalued and underpaid.

But I suspect that I would have no hope of employment even if I did go mad and decided I wanted to teach. That’s because teachers are supposed to be flawless, upstanding members of the community – as opposed to pornographers. Because we are all evil, after all. And teachers aren’t allowed to have a sex life, either.

One can only reach this conclusion after what’s happened to a Sydney primary school teacher who has been sacked because she appeared in a tasteful nude photo in Cleo magazine. Lynne Tziolas appeared nude with her husband and also discussed their sex life in an article about the sex lives of real couples. The photo and comments were within the sealed section of the magazine.


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Apparently there’s now a petition signed by 40 parents demanding she be re-instated and she’s also suing the department of education.

Lynne and her husband obviously love each other and are relaxed about their sex lives and bodies. What they do in their spare time shouldn’t be anybody’s business… even if they are appearing nude in a major magazine.

What shits me here is the assumption that any kind of public expression of sexuality or nudity makes you into some kind of pervert – one who must be kept away from children. Because children are supposed to be completely pure and innocent and sexually ignorant.

The same “but think of the children!” mentality has reared it’s dopey head in Queensland because the government is finally going to approve the state’s first ever official nude beach. Various lunatics have piped up and said “I don’t think it’s a good idea – there are families around.” Because “families” can’t possibly be exposed to nudity… and being nude on a beach is somehow depraved, immoral and not suitable for children.

How can a bit of skinny dipping be harmful to a kid? Why would it be a problem for a child to see normal human bodies?

It also shits me that the word “family” has been stolen by conservative bastards and twisted to mean “heterosexual married couples with 2.5 kids who are sexually uptight.” Fuck that.

I hope Lynne wins her case. And I’m glad she’s making a stand – saying that it’s OK and normal to discuss a loving, healthy sexual relationship.

Also – isn’t that a fantastic photo. Tasteful, beautiful… and the look on her husband’s face is just gorgeous. That’s a photo about love, people, and if you get offended by that, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself.

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