He Gazes Into Her Eyes… And Upgrades The Blog

Sexy couple with eye contact
Here’s a pic from one of the new couples galleries at For The Girls. It’s a lovely set of photos with lots of intimacy and eye contact – and it starts with him serenading her with a guitar.

I thought I’d best whack up a nice porn pic to keep you all placated… all of you… all of my thousands of readers out there… er… hello?


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Anyway, I’ve been slack with my blogs over the past couple of days. Various issues have been getting in the way, not least the various bugs that have popped up on this blog (yes, my pages are missing). It’s time to do another backend overhaul. So if you see weird things happening, that’s what’s going on.

I’ve actually been obsessed this past weekend with researching high definition video cameras. I want to buy one, but it’s really hard to choose which brand and option to go for. I’ve developed a crush on a snazzy looking JVC model but it might not offer the best video quality. I’ve also gotten bogged down on eBay, which is never a good thing. Add to that Facebook and… no wonder my poor blog has been neglected.

I am pleased to say I’ve written up a short porn script for an upcoming project which I’m looking forward to creating. And… the tax is done. Hurrah!