Five Hot Stories For Her Is Fabulous

Five Hot Stories For HerI’ve now watched Erika Lust’s debut film Five Hot Stories For Her and I have to say I’m very impressed. This film won movie of the year at the Feminist Porn Awards and I think it deserved it. Certainly this film now shares a spot on my “all time favourites” list.

Five Hot Stories For Her is a pretty good title. This movie has consists of five individual short films, all of them offering a complete story about love, sex and relationships. The main focus is explicit sex, of course, but that’s not enough for Erika; she gives the audience a compelling, believeable reason to watch the sex. This isn’t plot for plot’s sake, as you’ll find in so many mainstream “feature” porn films. Here the story exists to make the sex that much hotter.


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My full review of this movie will appear at For The Girls this week.

You can download the film from Hotmovies here.