Hot Guy, No April Fools

Hot naked guy
It’s Tuesday. I’ve just finished watching Return of the King for the nth time and now my eyes are red from crying. No matter how hard I try, that film reduces me to a blubbering mess. Meanwhile, WordPress has released a new version, I’m very busy with all sorts of smut-creative activities and I’ve still got to start on my Script Frenzy script. In other news, Ms Naughty has made a semi-comeback on Google, but I’m not holding my breath. And I fell for one April Fools joke today: LastMinute had me looking up the price of a space tourism flight. If I’d be British I might have fallen for the bisexual James Bond story. Wait… why should that be a joke. Damn, a Brokeback Goldfinger would be so very cool!

And, for the record, I hate the word “feminazi” which I’ve read no less than four times today.


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So, to symbolize all this, here’s a hot naked guy picture.

Edit: ThinkGeek have got a couple of weird things on their front page today, including the Super Pii Pii Brothers game and a Beta to HD-DVD recorder. Cool.