Using Male Nudity To Promote Walk Hard

Walk HardWell, this could be a first.

Actress Jenna Fischer is promoting her new film to women by pointing out that it’s full of full frontal male nudity. The film, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, is a spoof of music bios like Walk The Line and, having watched the trailer, I think it looks pretty funny.


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I’m not sure where all the nudity comes in and I’m not so sure I want to see John C. Reilley sans pants, but it’s still worth noting. As I’ve said before, it’s always assumed that you can’t show dick on film because women allegedly don’t want to see it and men will be turned off or “catch the gay”. The fact that now there’s a small marketing campaign based on encouraging women to turn up to see cock is a bit of a watershed.

Jenna wrote about it on her Myspace site and a PR wire service has this report about it.

“Think 40-Year Old Virgin but with full-frontal male nudity, too,” Jenna writes. “That’s right, ladies, we have penis. There is a ton of nudity.”

You know, I’m seriously looking forward to the day when there’s a Johnny Depp film with full frontal nudity. Imagine it girls. All they’d have to put on the poster are the words “Johnny Depp. Really naked” and you’ve got a blockbuster right there.

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  1. So, when do we start to see labia in films. They have been missing FOREVER. Oh, thats taboo. You can show all a man’s bits but not a womans.

    Double Standard…

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