Cosmo Leads To The Hard Stuff

I had to laugh at this terribly worried article about how the racy articles in Cosmopolitan automatically lead children to “the hard stuff.”

For some parents and one community leader in Gainesville, magazines like Glamour, Cosmo, and Vanity Fair are sending the wrong message.

“You’re just telling teenagers to come out there and get some,” Kathy Imes tells NewsChannel 32… “As you know, children are curious. They’re going to look and that’s where the concern comes in.”

And that’s when you have to thrash the curiosity out of them, obviously.


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Gainesville Councilman George Wangemann isn’t opposed to the selling the magazines. He just wants them covered and hidden from the eyes of children. He says these semi-pornographic pictures can lead youngsters, like Kathy’s son, to look for racier magazines.

“Now he’s into the sex magazines. I think he picked them up from stores that have every day books like these.”

Yes, of course that’s where he got it from. Normal young men don’t normally develop an interest in sex magazines of their own accord, don’t be absurd!

Oh, won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!