Sexy Pirates

Unnamed pirate with a big penis - the sexy pirate!On Thursday night I saw the third Pirates of the Caribbean film. The plot was more complicated than your small intestine and we left the theatre thinking its subtitle should have been: POTC 3: Endless Piration. My biggest complaint was Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t get enough screen time. Sure, there’s a desert island scene, but Jack wasn’t in it.

I will say that Orlando Bloom looks even prettier when dressed in pirate gear, and this got me thinking about making up a list of the sexiest pirates in film history.


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No prizes for guessing who I’ve voted for first but I did spent a long time researching other sexy pirates from the various movies of the last 60 or so years.

The pic is from my humour file, sent to me via email quite a few years ago. I don’t know where it originated but it’s still pretty funny.