More Male Celebrity Nudity

Bruce Willis action figure nudeI go away for a few days and suddenly male celebrities are busting to get their kit off.

Dr Who star David Tennant gets nude in a new BBC drama called Recovery, which is about the loss of identity after an accident. Viewers can see him nude in the shower, when he forgets to turn the water on. Tennant has previously been nude in the 1995 stage play What The Butler Saw and the TV shows Casanova and Blackpool.


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(The Mirror’s URL headline is “Dr Whoo Hoo” – very amusing).

Meanwhile, Bruce Willis has been dieting and working out to get in shape for upcoming nude scenes in the film Live Free or Die Hard. I’m more surprised that they’re doing another Die Hard film, actually, but I guess a successful movie franchise like that doesn’t die… easily.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe apparently recevied a standing ovation for his full-frontal nude scene in the stage play Equus.

The article quotes a 16 year old female fan who came to see the play: “I was quite surprised at how good Daniel was because I had been wondering if he could pull it off and he did. I must say he was very, very fit.”

PS. Action figure pic is from this amusing site.

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