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Under The Covers - the new film from Candida Royalle and FemmeThe doyenne of women’s erotica, Candida Royalle, has a new website. This explains why the old one was so neglected and now, unfortunately, it’s coming up 404.

In any case, the new site is a bit flashier and gives details of Candida’s latest adventures. Aside from speaking at film events and appearing on TV, she’s finished her latest film, Under The Covers. It’s due for release on 6th February 2007. Here’s the spiel:


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Candida Royalle’s latest new movie, Under the Covers was shot entirely in NYC, and features a mix of major LA talent with newbies from New York. A sex comedy that digs beneath the carefully groomed media images of women who work in sex, Under the Covers hilariously reminds us that things are not always as they appear…and women aren’t always as virtuous and demure as they would like you to believe!

Sounds great. I’ve actually been wondering what had become of this film as the last I’d heard anything it was due for release in September.

The other news is that Candida is releasing a new line of Femme films called Ethnic Erotica for Couples. The first film is called Femme Chocolat, it’s the directing debut of Lola Davis and Candida has executive produced the film.

I don’t know when this film will be released. It was mentioned in an article at AVN in August but I’ve heard nothing since then. I’m not sure who Lola Davis is either.

The above photo is a scene from Under The Covers. Looks very sexy.

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