Women’s Sexual Pleasure Survey

Women's sexual pleasure statisticsJocelyn Wentland, a researcher at the University of Guelph in Canada, has conducted research into women’s sexual pleasure.

Over 1500 women with an average age of 27 completed a questionaire about their sex lives. Results are here. It seems that today’s young women are quite relaxed about their own sexuality and are not afraid to take their pleasure when it suits them.


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A few results:

* 88% are easily sexually aroused.
* 90% are comfortable initiating sex with a partner
* 58% enjoyed using vibrators or sex toys alone
* 91% do not feel guilty about masturbating
* 92% say sexual fantasies get them easily aroused

Yep, that’s a lot of fired-up young ladies. I’m a bit disappointed the survey didn’t include questions about porn, because I can’t help but suspect that these lovely lasses are doing their fair share of smut surfing.

Thanks to Wired Sex Blog for the link.

By the way, “Guelph” is such a funny word. It sounds made up. Perhaps the place was named by someone with a chronic smoker’s cough.