Playgirl’s Erotic Encounters Review Notes

Erotic Encounters by PlaygirlI reviewed one of Playgirl’s new hardcore films for For The Girls. Here’s some of my review notes:

“Eek, he’s lifted her up onto the rock… damn, that’s gonna cause some nasty rock burn. Nice cunnilingus though.”

“We pan down to see his dick jutting into the rock… which will bend first?”

“My god, she’s practically doing the splits now. That can’t be comfortable.”

“Well, it’s not a log fire, but a burning rubbish bin could well amount to the same thing.”


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“Country western guitar, Vaseline lens, sheets and panties waving in the wind… will Thelma and Louise drive off the cliff in the background?”

“There’s so much Vaseline on the lens there’s none left for lubricant.”

“Wait! Did he just give her clit a rub? Was that a quick orgasm noise?? Yes? Yes…? Nope.”

“Back to sex, she’s on the bench, he’s standing. She’s going to hurt herself on those sharp metal junk bits if she’s not careful. ”

“This voiceover promises hard fucking, a bit of dominance and a ‘wet climactic release’ with Mr Surfer guy in the hotel courtyard…. Doggy style. He comes on her back. Damn. There’s no wet climactic release. Well, not for her, anyway.”

“My God. She can get her legs behind her ears. That’s just distracting.”

So… here’s my main complaint about Erotic Encounters: The women don’t come. That’s pretty disappointing when you consider that Playgirl’s trademarked motto is “Playgirls always come first.”

Beyond that, it’s nice enough.

You can read the full review of the film at For The Girls.

The movie is available to buy here or you can rent it here.

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