Women’s Brains React Extremely Fast to Erotic Images

According to an article in Live Science, researchers have found that women’s brains react to erotic images faster and stronger than any other image.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) tests on 264 women monitored their reactions to images of “water skiers, snarling dogs, partially clad couples in sensual poses, and other scenes.”


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Whaddya know, the partially clad couples caused women’s brains to fire 20% faster than any other picture.

“Previous research indicated men are more aroused by erotic images than women, so Anokhin and his colleagues expected women to respond with lower levels of brain activity compared to men.

“‘But that was not the case,’ Anokhin said. ‘Women have responses as strong as those seen in men.’

I’m wondering what previous research they are referring to. All other research that I’ve read about regarding women’s reactions to porn backs up this result. It almost feels like they were expecting to replicate the 50 year old data from Kinsey or something.

Thanks to Violet Blue for the link.

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