For The Girls Launches Erotic Fiction Competition

Erotic Fiction competitionAnd now… an announcement.

For The Girls has launched a new erotic fiction competition to celebrate their 3rd birthday.


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Writers are invited to submit quality erotic stories that have been written specifically for a female audience. Each story must contain at least one instance of cunnilingus.

The winner will receive $200 and a month’s membership to For The Girls, and their story will be published on the website. The runner up will receive $100 and 2 weeks membership plus publication. There are also a number of smaller consolation prizes.

This is our second erotic fiction competition. Last year’s contest was a huge success and we’re looking forward to reading more beautifully written sex stories designed for women. This year we decided to make cunnilingus a feature. Oral sex is something most women adore and yet it’s given short shrift in the porn industry. We wanted to take this chance to highlight the glory that is tongue-on-clit.

For The Girls was originally launched in June 2003 and has grown to become one of the largest adult sites catering to heterosexual women. The site offers a mix of photos and movies chosen to suit female tastes, along with a comprehensive magazine with articles, columns, sex advice, reviews and other written material. For The Girls also offers an impressive array of women’s erotic fiction and regularly features guest writers.

Further details of the contest can be found at: FTG Erotic Fiction Competition