Swayze Voted Best On-Screen Near-Naked Man

Dirty Dancing - water lift with bare chestCosmopolitan’s poll of 800 readers has declared Patrick Swayze to be the hottest near-naked man on screen. The moment in Dirty Dancing when when a bare-chested Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey out of the water was voted as the sexiest, followed by Jesse Metcalfe mowing the lawn with his shirt off in the hit US series Desperate Housewives.

Celeb favourite Matthew McConaughey‘s shirtless scene in How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days was third. Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise also got a look-in.

Some may wonder why Swayze should figure so prominently, especially when we’re talking about a film that is 19 years old, but it seems that thirty-something women hold sexy dirty dancer Johnny very close to their hearts.


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In their chapter on porn, the authors of A Piece of Cake make a brief reference to Dirty Dancing as a sexual watershed for many young women.

“If you saw Dirty Dancing during your virgin years, we know it would have had an impact on the way you viewed sex and losing your virginity… Baby wanted her dance teacher so bad because of what she first saw when she carried those watermelons up the stairs… Oh Patrick, Patrick… what would it feel like to have just one dirty dance with you?”

I must admit to having a soft spot for that film. I wasn’t fanatical about it, and I was probably more interested in the Moonlighting scenario, but I will happily sit down to watch it and enjoy Patrick’s manly, rebel character with a glad heart. So, yes. I do understand why he got the most votes.

The poll was conducted by US Cosmopolitan celebrate 10 years of naked male centerfolds.

Update 10 May: So I sat down and watched Dirty Dancing again. Patrick Swayze spends fully half of that movie not wearing a shirt, and when he does, it’s of the muscle-singlet variety that shows off his rather nice muscles. I’m now even less surprised he got so many votes.

The other thing I noticed about this film is that Swayze is very obviously the sex object in this film. The camera lingers on his body in a lustful way. Jennifer Grey is the Everygirl and Swayze is presented as Mr Dream Guy. The scene just before the pair make love for the first time features a moment when Baby walks around her man, stroking his chest in an appraising way before gently squeezing his ass. It shows that she is the one initiating the sex, and that she is happily embracing her move into adult sexuality. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why so many women my age have a fondness for this film.

In any case, that dancing/undressing scene is still gorgeous to watch. And, yes, Swayze’s chest is rather nice.