Women Think About Sex More Than Men

Women think about sex more than menA survey of 4000 women by travel company lastminute.com has found that women think about sex more every day than men.

Apparently we girlies spend 180 minutes a day pondering rumpy-pumpy, while men only think about sex for 150 minutes. I’m not sure why a travel company would be interested in this infomation, but there it is. They do also point out that both men and women spend most of their day thinking about work – ten hours for men and eight and a half hours for women.


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The survey contradicts the general consensus that men spend a lot of their time thinking about sex. We’ve all heard the idea that men think about sex once every seven seconds or so. Urban myth site Snopes has a great article dispelling this idea. They pointed me to the Kinsey Institute’s FAQ page which offers these two interesting statistics taken from research done in 1994:

“54% of men think about sex every day or several times a day, 43% a few times per month or a few times per week, and 4% less than once a month.

“19% of women think about sex everyday or several times a day, 67% a few times per month or a few times per week, and 14% less than once a month”

Who to believe? The up-to-date travel company survey or the out-of-date serious sex research? Does it make a difference that the lastminute survey respondents were British?

I’m not sure who’s right, but it has me wondering about how often I spend thinking about sex – and work – each day. When you’re a pornographer these two things co-incide so I’m sure my results would skew the survey completely.

The Sun gives its take on the story here.

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  1. I never understood how they measure these things. Do they ask people questions and expect an honest answer, or do they lock their subjects up in a room and monitor their pulse for 30 days or something?

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