Eyes of Desire Review Notes

Candida Royalle's Eyes of DesireLast week I reviewed Candida Royalle’s Eyes of Desire for For The Girls and I really quite enjoyed the film. It deals with a woman’s exploration of voyeurism via a friend’s telescope, and features then-married couple Missy and Mickey G.

Before I wrote up my piece I went looking for other people’s opinion of the film. Most of the reviews echoed the same complaint I read about all of Candida’s films: “Not hardcore enough.” Oh, and there were numerous raincoater comments about how there just weren’t enough “pop shots.” Sigh. How sad it is that films are rated on the number of male ejaculations.

Candida’s films feature fairly vanilla sex, and she’s less interested in close-up, gynecological shots than she is in depicting realistic, emotionally engaged sex. Not many other porn filmmakers do this, so I always wonder why reviewers consistently expect her to create the same stuff as everybody else.


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I also frequently read the comment that the film is “Good for couples and beginners.” I find the phrase rather irksome, to be honest, because it’s always said in a slightly condescending manner. As if we girlies can’t handle the heat, or maybe the people who will enjoy this type of film are not grown up enough yet to enjoy the refined adult tastes of gonzo anal destruction.

What’s wrong with enjoying this kind of film for what it is?

I found Eyes of Desire to be wonderful because it paid attention to the little details during sex scenes, like Missy’s toes curling, or the couple laughing together while they fuck. The sex is realistic and enjoyable to watch. It also features a scene of careful, erotic seduction where very little physical action occurs, except in the minds of the participants. That’s rare in porn.

Yes, the film indulges in a little shameless romanticism and soap-opera acting. I didn’t mind. I found myself feeling drawn toward Mickey G as a romantic character, rather than viewing him as just another dick. I can’t think of another porn film where I would actually want to engage a male character in conversation.

Perhaps it’s just me. I’ve seen far too much porn in the last few years and now all I want to see in a porn film is something different and engaging. It’s entirely possible that some women will find Eyes of Desire to be boring because it’s so vanilla. That’s fine. But I liked it, and I would recommend it – even if you’re not a beginner or a couple…

You can download Eyes of Desire here.

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4 Replies to “Eyes of Desire Review Notes”

  1. I read your funny and great article on why you hate the money shot, and I wrote this poem.

    Traditional Porn Does Nothing For Me.

    The money shot
    said my friend
    in one of our weekly convos about life
    is the shot of the woman’s crotch.
    “Um…” I said, not wanting to offend,
    and continued our talk in my head, as I often did,
    Oh, you mean wide open beaver!
    a term I first read in Vonnegut
    a turnoff then, and now.

    No, I thought
    The money shot
    is the ejaculation shot
    the close-up as the man pulls out and comes
    on the woman’s breasts, face, or hair
    as lights flash all around, and three yellow lemons
    line up on the slots.
    The money shot
    shows male orgasm has arrived
    which is, of course, the point of it all.
    Not his face
    not her release
    not even her crotch
    that curly beaver fur
    mere landscape, mere backdrop
    in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

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