Velvet Thrust Review Notes

Velvet ThrustThis week I reviewed Velvet Thrust for For The Girls.

I can only say I’m disappointed. What a wasted opportunity. If the ladies from Inpulse Pictures are reading this, let me say emphatically: just focusing on the guy is not enough, although it’s all very pleasant to watch. You need to get rid of all the other porn cliches before the film will satisfy your female viewers, and I’d say actually showing clitoral stimulation or a female orgasm or two would be a good start.

Anyway, here’s some of the notes I made while watching the film:

“Hmm, a woman sleeping in full makeup. Gothy makeup, what’s more, complete with dark lipliner and fake eyelashes. And perfect hair with a clip in it. And now she’s in the shower, but everything stays perfect. Yep. Looks like this movie is going to be full of believable, real sex…”

“Ha, she’s reaching through and touching his balls but not herself.”


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“The guy is good looking but damn, he’s hopeless at keeping his dick in. The woman says ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm- shit! Ow! mmm, mmm…”

“This looks like a weird attempt at a mutual masturbation scene. And they just so happen to have a variety of sex toys to hand, just in their car. Like you do. Perhaps that’s what the glovebox is really for. Ends with him masturbating and cumming onto the windscreen, she’s sitting in the car. They’re gonna need one of those window washer guys at the lights after this. Who feels comfortable enough to masturbate in an open car park? People with dildos in the glovebox, I guess.”

“Oh my god. She took her shoes off!!!”

“Julian has been having fairly intensive sack waxes. Indeed, I suspect that most of the male cast have been visiting the beauticians quite regularly. Either that or they’re going beserk with the Veet.”

“Eeek, it looks like he’s got two bellybuttons! No wait, that’s just a dent in his sixpack.”

The film received a negative panty rating at Clit Critique tribe, and I must agree that it’s a fairly boring movie.

Although I will say that I quite liked the final scene with Julian and Rhiannon. The sex was slow and sensual, the music was nice, and the couple seemed to actually enjoy the sex together. A pity it ends with a cum-in-the-eye facial.

I downloaded the movie from Ms Naughty AEBN because I’m really hesitant to buy hard copies and try and get them through customs.

The full review of Velvet Thrust is at For The Girls.

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