My Inevitable Sexy Male Olympians Post

The Washington Post today has an article questioning double standards in the objectification of male and female athletes at the Olympics. Specifically, they’re calling out all the “Hottest Olympic Men” posts by sites such as Cosmopolitan.

Now, I could go into a long detailed discussion about the long history of sexist objectification and commodification of the female body versus the emerging female gaze and women’s relatively newfound passion for perving on hot guys.

But I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’m going to respond in the only sensible way: by posting pics of sexy male Olympians, primarily swimmers, because I love swimming.

Hot and Wet

Sexy male olympians: Loca Dotto

Luca Dotto, swimmer from Italy. He’s worked as a model for brands like Armani since 2012. Source.


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Sexy male olympian Marcelo Chierighini

Marcelo Chierghini, 25, swimmer from Brazil. Check out his Instagram for more sexy pics. 1st photo source.

sexymaleolympians05Sexy male olympians - Rhys Howden

Rhys Howden, water polo player for Australia. Rio is his second Olympic games. His Twitter account has some nice pics. Photos Source



Nathan Adrian, swimmer from the USA. Top from a photo shoot he did to promote swimwear, taken from his personal site. The bottom pic is from an ESPN photo shoot called “The Opaque”, also from his personal site.

Sexy male Olympians - James Magnussen

Inevitable shout-out to James Magnussen, swimmer for Australia at his second Olympics. Previously featured in my 2012 post Hot Olympic Male Swimmers.
Pic from here.

Sexy Male Olympians - Florent Manaudou

Florent Manaudou, 25 year old swimmer from France, younger brother of Laure Manaudou, a gold medallist swimmer in 2004. This is his second Olympics. This pic from an advertising campaign. Pic from here (warning, annoying video ad).

Camille Lacourt (FRA) competes on 50 M Backstroke during the Meeting Marseille 2015, FFN Golden Tour, in France, on March 13 to 15, 2015. Photo Stephane Kempinaire / KMSP / DPPI

Camille LaCourt, swimmer for France. He’s a backstroke specialist and Rio is his second Olympics. He’s hot and we also like him because he’s spoken out against doping in the sport. Photo source.