Poor, Neglected Blog; What I’ve Been Up To

When I started this blog in 2004, I posted almost every day and I kept that up for years. And then my rate of posting dwindled until it became once or twice a week and then, more recently, once a month.

Now I realize I haven’t posted since May 28 so that’s a record for blog neglect for me. It’s partly because social media means I’m posting interesting links and comments on Twitter and Facebook (when I’m not banned). So in theory the blog has become more for posting larger, thinky pieces.

But also, I’ve just been busy, running Bright Desire, filming new scenes, living life. And that includes taking a bit more time for myself to enjoy things other than work. The Ms Naughty site has become a bit neglected and I do want to upgrade it, hopefully soon. But other jobs tend to take priority.

Also, big, thinky pieces aren’t happening for me that often. I think I’m suffering from issues fatigue… I feel like I’ve already said everything I can about sex. That’s not true, of course. But sometimes it’s hard to muster the motivation to hook in and write a big blog post.

Another thing: I’ve regularly reported on “porn for women” news here. I’m finding that lately any discussion in the media is either Pornhub releasing their dodgy statistics or else it’s Erika Lust’s tireless and impressive PR machine scoring yet another media interview.


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Damn, I sound jaded :/

In any case, in June I filmed 5 new scenes for Bright Desire. Here are the sneak peek photos:

A beautiful foot fetish/tickling scene which was followed by some serious dungeon BDSM kinky fun

Cute scene starring real life lovers Ivy and Mickey

Fuck buddies Amelie and James engaged in some hot anal fun


Porn stars, friends and ex-lovers Ophelia and Woody reunited for this hot scene (now live at Bright Desire)


I also shot an amazing, artistic solo scene with Mel Lou and I’m really proud of the result.

I also have subbed a bunch of films to the Berlin Porn Film Festival, including “Immersed” starring Bishop Black.

Immersed – Trailer from Ms Naughty (Louise Lush) on Vimeo.

I’ve spent a week revamping the member’s area of For The Girls and I’m about to finally revamp the tour as well.

Also, I spent some quality time with my family and took up playing Pokemon Go, lord help me.

I’m sure I’ll post again soon. If I can find the time and motivation.