I.M. In Love Trailer

Just before Christmas I finished my latest short film I.M. In Love and hurriedly submitted it to the Cinekink film festival in New York. Then I went on holiday.

I’m pleased to say that the film has been selected to screen at Cinekink during the “Coupling” Program on 10th February 2012. And since this has happened I had to get off my butt and edit together a little trailer for it, above. I’ve also made a page for it on my Indigo Lush film site.

I.M. In Love is a cute movie involving cybersex and geekery… but not is all as it seems.

This short film only offers a glimpse of the larger scene starring Aeryn and Theo which I am still editing together. Suffice to say it was gorgeous and full of laughter and I can’t wait to get it out into the world. In the meantime, there’s the trailer and the short film. Enjoy.

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