The Case Of The Sadly Neglected Blog

It’s November. My last post here was August. Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger. And posts about not blogging are boring, I know. But I thought I’d write a quick explanation.

I’m almost into year 17 of making porn online. This year I’ve been pretty busy running Bright Desire and that’s included writing posts for the members area of the site rather than here. I’ve also been feeling unmotivated with regards to writing about porn. After 16 years, it feels like I’ve already said a lot of what needs to be said. I’ve been posting my thoughts on social media but not really writing long form posts here. Ideas do occur to me and I think “I should blog about that” but then other jobs have taken priority.


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It’s tough running this business by myself. I have an endless array of jobs that need doing and they get sidelined. This year, my blog has been one of those.

On top of that, I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself this year. After a close friend nearly died in 2015 I’ve had quite a few “carpe diem” moments and very few of them involved work.

I’ve just come back from Berlin and I now have six scenes to edit. Plus a bunch of other stuff like technical upgrades to do. And it’s the start of summer here so I’ll be taking time to smell the rose as well.

So there it is, the case of the sadly neglected blog. I’m not sure if anyone will even read this but it’s there.