Now They’re Pushing Romance Novel Addiction

I just had to laugh at the opinion piece by Shaunti Feldhahn proclaiming the serious dangers women face if they read romance novels.

I was concerned to learn that many romance novels are not as harmless as they look. In fact, some marriage therapists caution that women can become as dangerously unbalanced by these books’ entrancing but distorted messages as men can by distorted messages of pornography.

Oh my God! Batten down the hatches! Man the liferafts! Grease the yardarm! We’ve seen the form of the antichrist and it’s title is Kiss From A Stranger*.


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Yep, the growth in erotic fiction titles hails the downfall of womankind, it seems, causing us to lose our grip on reality and making us think that men can be “strong, rugged and breathtakingly handsome, yet sensitive, patient listeners and utterly unselfish.” Dangerously unbalanced indeed.

Having bought the lie that “there is a neurochemical element with men and porn” the author follows up with the similar conclusion that romance novels must also be “addictive.”

The paper has published a fairly weak rebuttal by a so-called left-leaning columnist, but I prefer this comment from a reader:

Gosh, I had no idea women’s brains were so flimsy and vulnerable. Better shield them from the dangerous influence of romance novels and erotica, huh?

* This is the actual title of a Barbara Cartland novel.

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  1. A word of advice: stay away from the AJC’s (my lovely hometown paper) Woman to Woman column. It is well-known as a huge hunk of shit. Reading it will make you just a little bit stupider.

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