Adult Golden Raspberries

In the wake of the 2007 AVN awards, I can’t help but feel there should be an adult version of the Golden Raspberries. A ceremony that acknowledges the worst the industry has to offer.

Categories for awards could include:


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Most ridiculous boob job
Most botoxed lips
Worst acting
Most cringeworthy piece of dialogue
Fakest moans (subcategories: while giving blowjob, most monotonous)
Stomach churning sexual act of the year
Biggest hair
Most overdone makeup
Hairiest back
Starlet most obviously doing it for the money
Silliest title
Most racist title
Creepiest gonzo director
Most obvious lack of lube during sex
Most unnecessary sequel
Most misleading boxcover
Most obvious STD
Biggest pimple on the butt…

I think there are two problems with an “anti-AVN” award show: one is narrowing down the categories, the other is narrowing down the field. I mean… how do you choose just one winner from such a huge and varied range of contenders?