Bright Desire and For The Girls Nominated for XBiz Award

xbizawards2017It’s awards season in the adult industry, with the two major awards nights occurring in late January. This week the nominations for the XBiz Awards were announced and I’m pleased to say that both Bright Desire and have once again been nominated for an award in the Adult Site of the Year – For Women category. This is the second year in a row we’ve received this nomination. In 2015, before this category existed, Bright Desire received a nomination for Alternative Site of the Year.

Both Bright Desire and For The Girls are indie Australian operations and they aren’t really part of the mainstream US industry so it’s nice to be recognized by this major awards night. This time around there are only three other sites in contention. So maybe, just maybe…. but in truth I don’t hold out a huge amount of hope for an award, mainly because we ARE an indie Australian operation.

XBiz have done their best to diversify the categories of awards offered to websites. This year, they seem to have put a lot of the “queer”/feminist porn sites into the “Adult Site of the Year – Specialty” category, which is an interesting term to use. Still, at least they’re there.


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Last year Bright Desire received an AVN nomination in the Best Alternative Site category but unfortunately it didn’t get a look in this year. AVN is far more mainstream than XBiz and the “alternative” sites nominated for 2017 include massive San Francisco company Kink, plus a number of “big beautiful women” and “traditional” transsexual sites. None of my fellow feminist porn sites got a nod this year, not even Crash Pad Series – it’s like AVN had a bit of fun flirting with us but decided we were too trivial to bother with anymore. Scrolling through the multiple categories, I see the same names and companies popping up. It feels like the nominations reveal how the industry has thinned out in the face of ongoing piracy. There’s also a determination to stick with DVD titles and still not offer many web categories, despite the fact that DVDs are on their way out.

There are two people I know in the running for an AVN award. One is my friend Michelle Flynn from LightSouthern. She is up for Best Foreign Director, the only woman nominated in that category. The other is Jiz Lee, nominated for Mainstream Star. I hope they both win.

In any case, here’s your chance to help out Bright Desire and For The Girls

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This is XBiz’s fan tally and it forms part of the decision making process. It’s anonymous and helps my sites get noticed! Closing date is November 30 so get in quick.

Thanks for your continued support of Bright Desire and For The Girls!