Men In Corsets

Male corset photo from TomTo in Berlin
In Berlin last year I happened upon this lovely postcard from TomTo (who make male corsets) and promptly pocketed it. By co-incidence, that same day @girlonetrack linked to a gorgeous male lingerie site on Twitter. I’ve been meaning to do this post ever since.

Men in corsets are hot. I don’t know why. They just are. This is personal taste, of course, but I suspect a lot of other women share this desire. Perhaps it all stems from that first tantalising glimpse of Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, against which – I suspect – all male corsetry hotness must be measured.
Tim Curry as Frank n Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show - sexy corset
I still remember the funny ill-defined sexy feeling I got from Frank when I first accidentally saw him as a kid. He was delightfully illicit in a way I’d never seen before.

The abovementioned lingerie site has an entire section devoted to male corsetry, thus. Here’s the Sweet Transylvania one:
Male corset from, Sweet Transylvania corset
And I can’t not mention the other gorgeous artistic male lingerie pics on that site, like this one:
Hot guy at Xdress


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So then I went looking for more photos of men in corsets. Here’s a few that I found:

From a photo series of Brett Reeves at Queerty:
Brett Reeves in a corset, photo by Queerty

A nice pic from the site He Wears Panties, which discusses male corsetry in detail:
Man in corset, photo by He Wears Panties

Post apocalyptic corset and male skirt from AMF Korsets
Man in corset, photo and corset by AMF Korsets

This corset is by Brute Force Studios which makes steampunk outfits. I found the photo via this page of male corsets (worth a look).
Man in corset, photo and corset by Brute Force Studios steampunk outfits

I found this steampunk-inspired Ezra Sabine male corset via Etsy
Man in corset by Ezra Sabine

This is model William Clark in the Necromonger male corset custom made by Puimond
Man in Necromonger corset by Puimond

This is an interesting outfit called “The Fallen” by indie designers Xcentricities
Man in The Fallen corset and cassock outfit by Xcentriticies

And this. I have no idea where this photo came from beyond this page on Tumblr. I wish people would give proper credit for photos. But it’s too cute not to include.
Hot guys in corset and lingerie

One more pic I need to add: here’s the gorgeous Australian comedian Adam Hills when he put on the Frank n Furter outfit for an episode of Spicks and Specks. A truly fabulous moment in Aus TV
Adam Hills in his Frank n Furter Rocky Horror outfit

2 Replies to “Men In Corsets”

  1. Speaking as a man all I can think of is “will these make some of my slightly-too-small trousers last longer”.

  2. Men in corsets… *purrs*

    There will always be Tim Curry, of course.

    What i find amusing is that both men who wear corsets whom i’m intimate with definitely gain in masculinity when wearing them. I *think* that it’s in how they carry themselves.

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