Sex News: Labiaplasty And Penis Size

Just to blow away some blog cobwebs, here’s some news about sex I’ve been reading:

Male doctors more likely to recommend labiaplasty
A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that male doctors and plastic surgeons are more likely to recommend labiaplasty (cosmetic surgery on the genitals) than female GPs. Worryingly, many plastic surgeons considered a photo of large labia minora to be “distasteful and unnatural”. Read the commentary at My Sex Professor.


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Penis size measurement study… done without consent?
The LA Times is reporting on a Korean study that says penis size can be predicted by the ratio of a man’s ring finger compared to his index finger. Interesting, but what stood out in this story was their method of study:

Dr. Tae Beom Kim, a urologist at Gachon University in Incheon, Korea, and his colleagues studied 144 men over the age of 20 who were undergoing urological surgery for conditions that do not affect the length of the penis. One member of the team carefully measured the lengths of the index and ring fingers on the subject’s right hand before surgery — left hands are thought to be more variable. A second team member then measured penis length immediately after the subject had been anesthetized.

I’ve added the bold. Because, what the fuck? These doctors were measuring guys penises during surgery. Did they ask their patients beforehand if they could do this? Why did they wait until the men were anesthetized? It seems very dodgy to me. The LA Times story doesn’t provide any further information about this so I’m left to wonder at the ethics of this study.

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  1. Maybe they wanted to measure the size of the flaccid penis, and didn’t want handling of the penis to produce partial erections in some men that might confound the study?

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