Why Feminism Must Shun Religion

Just a quick post to draw your attention to Why feminism must embrace reason and shun religion, an excellent article that questions the feminist movement’s apparent “blind spot” when it comes to religion, especially given the appalling sexism that exists in almost all religions, especially the monotheistic ones.


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It seems to me that some feminists are afraid of a critical discussion about religious faith, because of the ever-looming label of ‘intolerant’, ‘prejudiced’, or, when it comes to any religion besides Christianity, ‘racist’. When in fact, there is a big difference between questioning an idea (in this case: faith in the existence of a specific supernatural entity in spite of a complete lack of evidence) and hating a person or group of people. Saying that critics of religion are prejudiced is as moronic as calling feminists ‘man-haters’.

It’s a very good point. I think this desire to be tolerant is actually doing harm; it means that feminists aren’t speaking out loudly enough when it comes to the treatment of women within Islam, to use only one example. It’s this relativism that sees some people defending female genital mutilation or violence against women because it’s part of someone’s “culture”.

Human rights trump culture and religion every time. If feminism is truly about giving women equal rights and choice, it needs to remember that.

3 Replies to “Why Feminism Must Shun Religion”

  1. This post made me think of one I saw on Alternet yesterday:


    It tackles the same issue, but from a different angle. The underlying message though is much the same:

    Don’t make exceptions that perpetuate the problem that you are trying to address. Even if there is a personal cost.

    If we are to see equality and dignity for all, then we all need to stop making excuses for the institutions and organisations that prevent us from actually achieving equality and dignity. Starting with religion.

  2. I so agree! Women should not give their support to a religion that promotes misogyny. The bible states that women are to be slaves of men, that they are unclean, and many more degrading statments about women. I guess freedom is only for men-in the bible at least.

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