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Since returning from the Berlin Porn Film Festival last October I’ve been working on a new site called Sexy Short Films. I’ve only updated it in dribs and drabs because finding, researching and posting the videos takes up a lot of time but I think it’s been worth the effort.


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I’ve been holding off on launching it because I wanted to have a decent selection of films to start. There’s now 37 in the database. Not huge but a decent enough beginning.

The idea behind Sexy Short Films is to offer a form of online erotic film festival; an internet version of the fun I had in Berlin, essentially. These movies explore eroticism, sexuality and relationships in diverse ways. There’s a lot of humour but I’ve also included some darker and experimental pieces that can be a little unsettling. There’s not a lot of explicit sex to be had – almost all the short films on offer were available on Youtube or other free video sites so they tend to abide by the rather tame guidelines. Still, there’s plenty of sensuality to be had and more importantly, numerous arousing scenarios that stimulate the mind.

I’ve done my best to credit the creators and provide a link to their official sites. Also added Paypal donation buttons when the directors had them. I want to encourage directors who are daring to make smart films about sex.

I’ve also done my best to list all of the erotic film festivals that currently exist around the world. Hopefully I’ll be able to add more to the list.

The video above is called “Vibra Call”. It’s from Brazil and was directed by Esmir Filho. It’s a cute short film that features one female orgasm and no dialogue. Good times.

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  1. Lol – that is great. Love it. Just watched a few of the movies and they are pretty funny stuff. Just what porn needs: more fun and frivolity.

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