Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex Review Notes

Tristan Taormino's Rough SexThis week’s movie review at For The Girls is of Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex. When it first arrived in my mailbox I must admit to feeling very nervous about watching it. Rough Sex is not exactly my bag, baby.

In the end, though, I appreciated it for what it was: a step in the right direction. Tristan has worked her sex-positive magic on a very prickly topic and turned spitting and slapping into a feminist act. Context and consent are always, always the key. A lot of the sex was not my thing but at least there were female orgasms and empowered women enjoying themselves and running the show.


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While I was watching the film I made notes, just what I was thinking. I vascillated between arousal, horror and fascination. I enjoyed the interviews and then found the sexy to be alternately super hot and less-than thrilling.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my “review notes” posts on this blog so I thought it was time I went there again.

So here they are:

Impressive orgasms from Adrianna… but then it goes all ass-to-mouth followed by him coming in her hair. Nope, lost me there.

Pissing… taking a risk there. She needs to practice squatting – that’s no way to wizz in the bushes!

I don’t know what to think, part of me is rebelling at watching it, the other half is fascinated. Because you know that she likes it, it’s OK. But I found myself thinking of all the other porn scenes where girls are choked or end up doing stuff they didn’t sign up for.

OK, so at last the men end up on the receiving end. This has been one of my gripes with rough sex in porn, that it’s always the woman on the bottom.

Ewwwww, spitting. Shoe licking. Blerky polish. Foot licking… much better.

Shadows on the back wall – fix up your lighting guys!

Smothering with plastic boobs. That’s bound to be a health hazard what with all that synthetic material.

Horrible balloon tits are especially distracting from this angle. They don’t move at all. Actually, the left one stays rock still, the other one twirls in circles. It’s almost hypnotic.

Hmm. Doing it against a mirror raises all sorts of camera angle issues. Also, continuity errors. That’s one hell of a smeary sex mirror.

Eeek, don’t spit there. You’ll ruin the felt on that pool table!

Sasha’s hair is definitely a win, it’s just gorgeous and long.

What’s good about this guy is he doesn’t have the porn star reserve. He’s right into it. They both are. It’s nice to have that intensity present.

AND she took her shoes off. Must be for the sake of the pool table felt, even if there’s going to be vaginal juices and spit and sweat all over it.

Ooh wa, he slaps her boobs… so now she’s gonna punish him.

“Even when you have mad, hate sex you still need a vibrator.” – Tristan

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3 Replies to “Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex Review Notes”

  1. Ah Ms Naughty – I had a fit of Spring cleaning here on the weekend and threw out 3 or 4 A4 notebooks filled with observations and notes not unlike your own on a bunch of not so great porno flicks that in the end I couldn’t bring myself to write reviews for… maybe I should have shared the notes – they were mostly vitriolic though!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this style of review – and great blog in general (it can be lonely out there for a feminist porn reviewer…at least in terms of meeting other women, funnily enough!).

    Anyway, two questions: who was the performer with balloon tits? Just so I know – I can ignore them if it’s the right person.

    And, who is the guy who seems really into it? I’m gonna guess Manuel Ferrara (but that’s just because I’m hoping… 🙂

  3. The balloon tits actress is Francesca Le and the guy who was into it is Danny Wylde (who does it with Sasha).

    Fake boobs always bug me, especially the really unnatural ones. I find them distracting and unfortunate; they’re a reminder that porn is mostly for man. Too many female performers are supposed to fit into the Barbie doll fantasy of what a woman should look like and I think it creates problems for a lot of female viewers. Who needs to be worrying about your own body image when you’re supposed to be turned on?

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