At Last: The Sex Party

Sex Party logoGood news: the folks at the Eros Association have decided to get serious and form a political party. They’re launching the Australian Sex Party at Sexpo in Melbourne on Thursday and are hoping to round up the 500 members required to make it officially recognised by the legal system.

They’re aiming to put censorship onto the agenda, but they also want to talk about sex education, abortion, contraception, gender issues and even the limits put on overseas aid. Essentially they want to start waving the flag at the conservatives and point out that most Australians aren’t prudes.


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It doesn’t matter that they’re a single issue party. I’m going to join and give them my support. I want someone to jump up and down and make some noise on these issues. The churches and the lunatic right wing have had the upper hand because they organised themselves earlier. I’m glad that a step is being taken to counter this.

So… The Sex Party. No doubt it will sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to those who truly believe in human rights and artistic freedom. Takes guts to say you support the Sex Party. Also… I’m sure it will score a heap of donkey votes come next election in 2011.

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Added: Jack Marx has a great blog post called Filtering The Bible:

Thankfully, as Senator Stephen Conroy assured the Christian Media Association back in May, the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s blacklisting of harmful content “is currently compiled by a complaints-driven mechanism”, so it is within our power to prevent other people from reading that which we ourselves find offensive…

What follows – just a sampling of what’s available to readers of The Bible – is plainly revolting by modern community standards, and, if Stephen Conroy is at all consistent, he’ll brand all who leap to its defense as sympathisers of rapists, murderers, cannibals, kidsters and blokes who use dead men’s foreskins as fun vouchers. Behold…