Time Again For Operation Church Stakeout

Church PervertsA while ago I made a little site called ExExExChurch which is my response to the way some religious groups are fixated on the idea of “porn addiction.” The name is a play on one of the worst culprits, XXXChurch, a insistent rabble of lunatics who believe that masturbation is a sin.

Anyway, via Fleshbot I found this news story of another bunch of self-righteous busybodies who are filming the customers of a lingerie shop and having prayer sessions outside.


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There’s one really good solution to this nonsense, as outlined in Operation Church Stakeout: the sex positive people of Vacaville, California need to start protesting outside the doors of the Valley Church with signs. They should also take photos and video of those people going inside, perhaps to post them on a porn site of their choice.

These people are suffering from a dangerous church addiction and it’s up to us to save them!

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  1. *laugh* A marvellous idea. 🙂 Particularly because their addiction leads them to believe and act upon the notion that they have a right to control other people’s lives . . . .

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