Lesbian Pornography

Crash Pad SeriesNo, that title doesn’t mean your usual girl-girl, long fingernail stuff. I’m talking about real life lesbians, making porn that reflects their sexuality.

Today I stumbled on a rather extensive academic essay entitled The Politics Of Lesbian Pornography. The author looks at the contrast between anti-porn feminism and the work of lesbian filmmakers such as SIR and Fatale Video. The essay seems to date from about 2001. I skimmed through it, partly because of the awful layout (white text on black background) but it does seem worth reading. For a start, it’s chock a block full of good quotes about porn and feminism. E.g.


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The political engagement of S.I.R. demonstrates the need to look beyond the academy in the study of pornography. As we have seen, popular culture can produce theorists. These theorists deserve legitimation within feminism. Women who work in or intersect with pornography in some way have the most to tell us about its effects. Declaring them anti-feminist and their views irrelevant silences the voices of the experts. These women deserve not to be barred from or “black-listed” by the movement. How are we ever to truly know the effects of pornography on women unless we open academic forums to those who are most affected by it?

So… now I’ve been all academic, it’s time to recommend some good lesbian porn.

Adult film producer Shine Louise Houston now has her own porn site, The Crash Pad series. It’s a sequel of sorts to the award-winning film The Crash Pad.

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