It’s Not Just A Brothel For Women, It’s An ECO Brothel

The Stud Farm brothel for womenHollywood madam Heidi Fleiss announced quite a while ago her plan to open a brothel for women in Nevada and it hasn’t progressed any further thanks to planning issues. Naturally her original announcement about the upcoming “Stud Farm” caused much sniggering at the idea that women would even consider using male prostitutes.

Now a green website reports that the brothel will also be eco friendly.


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The facility will reportedly boast wind turbines, and the feisty proprietor is looking into non-toxic, green building materials and techniques, to make sure no one gets a chemical headache while getting boffed.

I was thinking of making jokes about giant, erect vanes but I had to give up. “Wind farm” invokes too many fart gags to make it feasible.

Apparently Heidi describes the upcoming development as being “an exclusive resort, and I’ll make it really nice like the Beverly Hills Hotel, for women who want to get a manicure, a pedicure, and a shag.”

I must admit, this description had me smiling a little. I mean, it does actually sound rather appealing, if only in a sex-fantasy kind of way. Never mind the practicalities of paying a stranger to fuck you, what if he was really good looking and knew all the right techniques to get you off? Plus you get a pedicure or massage beforehand?

AND it was carbon neutral. Cool.

Yep, next time I decide to go to a women’s brothel in Nevada, I’m definitely going there.

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