Petra Joy’s “Feeling It” Is Out Soon

Feeling It by Petra JoyGreat news. Petra Joy’s third film, Feeling It, is due for release in March 2008. The film also has a website which features some wonderful still photos from the movie and information about the stars. There are some hot new amateur performers involved who were recruited from Europe during Petra’s travels.

A few excerpts from the site:


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Petra’s motto “Feeling it, not faking it!” is being embraced passionately by the authentic amateur performers. The results are breathtaking (female) orgasms and a humane portrayal of human sensuality to inspire the viewers…

The film’s stories are based on erotic fantasies that women shared with Petra. Some are Petra’s own. The fantasies are the basis of a vignette – what happens sexually is up to the performers. All performers only experience sexually on set what gives them genuine pleasure. The shoots are creative teamwork and there is time for intimacy and sensual play to develop as Petra has no check list of positions that need to be ticked off.

I really can’t wait to see it.

It’s also looking like Petra’s other two films, Female Fantasies and Sexual Sushi will become readily available in the US this year. Fingers crossed.