Naked Men Wrestling

Naked men wrestling.The Guardian has a short piece about naked male wrestling in film. This has been prompted by the film Eastern Promises in which Viggo Mortensen (aka Aragorn) wrestles naked in a bathhouse with an assailant.

I went looking for any advance stills from the movie but unfortunately it hasn’t made onto the web just yet. The trailer has a very brief moment featuring the fight but you can’t see anything. I did find pics of Viggo naked in the film Indian Runner here.


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So then I went looking for a general photo of naked men wrestling. Most examples are from gay sites. Indeed, there’s an entire gay porn site devoted to nude male wrestling here.

The article talks about the homoeroticism of men wrestling and it’s assumed that the audience for such a spectacle would only be gay men. I’m fairly certain that there are plenty of girlies out there who are very keen to see Viggo tussle with another man while naked.

Actually, I’ve seen a bit of Turkish oil wrestling at a medieval festival a few years ago. The two guys were in tight leather shorts, but it was quite spectacular to watch. And also lots of fun for a friend of mine who, dressed in her best belly dance gear, was the lucky woman to oil the guys down before the show.

The Guardian article also mentions that scene from Borat which makes me giggle (and cringe) just thinking of it…

Pic came from here, described as “1930’s French soldiers wrestling.”