Manpower and The Chippendales: Male Stripper Bulletin

Manpower - male strippersThe SMH reports that male strip act Manpower outrank both Russell Crowe and the late Steve Irwin in the BRW list of the richest Australian entertainment businesses. They are ranked 15 in the rich list with an annual income of $7.5 million (The Wiggles are number 1).

The Manpower crew perform as the Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas but also tour the world under their original name. They’re currently in Australia but unfortunately they won’t be heading my way – it would have been cool to perhaps secure an interview.

I know lots of women think beefy male strippers are cliched but I’ve got a soft spot for them. The shows are good for a laugh but they’re also quite highly sexually charged. I think it’s great that there’s a place that gives women free rein to express an unfettered, animalistic kind of sexuality, even if it does encourage bad behaviour.


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I remember the first time I went to see Manpower. I was 19, took a couple of friends and screamed and giggled my head off like a complete lunatic. I knew I was acting stupidly but I’d given myself permission to just be silly and to go with the flow. I really did have a great time and I still vividly remember the point at which I started to get turned on – it was the last thing I expected, to be honest. But it WAS Jamie Durie on stage and he WAS the hottest guy there.

I’ve been to a few other shows, the most recent being a solo show by the fabulous Jay, who became our For The Girls centerfold a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile, The Scotsman has published an excerpt of the book Unzipped: A True Story of Sex, Drugs, Rollerskates and Murder by David Sterry. It tells of the Chippendales during the 80s when everything was excessive. There’s also a piece in the Times Online.

I found David Sterry’s site and it had quite an interesting blurb:

It’s about a man, Nick de Noia, who was the visionary genius behind Chippendales, a man who wanted to change the world, to fulfill the promise of Women’s Lib, to make a fun, safe sexy place where women could fondle, ogle and sexualized hot man flesh for the first time in history. And he wanted to get rich doing it. He was a tyrant who ruled with a combination of cruel abuse and buttery flattering charm. He was my boss, and this book is about what it’s like to work for a man who gets assassinated.

Well, I didn’t know the founder of the Chippendales was assassinated. But then, I didn’t know that male strippers were originally required to rollerskate.

See, you learn something every day.