FTG Short Story Competition Results

Well folks, the winners have been announced in the For The Girls short story competition.

Kindling For The Flame by J.D. Sampson
Judge’s comments: There’s a bittersweet tone to this wonderfully written story which depicts a woman’s first time on the beach with her husband-to-be. The language perfectly invokes the moment and allows the reader to feel every sensation and every emotion. This story embraces the theme of discovery and brings it to life in a positive and beautiful way.

J. D. wins $200 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls


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Blindspot by Elspeth Potter
Judge’s comments: This pegging story is dripping with pure sex and is made a little more thrilling through the use of a blind female protagonist. We experience an orgy through tough, sound and smell – quite the erotic experience – and discover how it feels to fuck another person. Pass the vibrator, please.

Elspeth wins $100 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

Duet by Kat Cox
Judge’s comments: This literary rendering of a mutual masturbation session stands out thanks to its unusual language, semi-surreal scenario and sometimes shocking flashes of honesty. It’s hot in a distinctly cerebral way, giving us a glimpse of male lust and the secret of female desire.

Kat wins $50 plus 1 month membership to For The Girls

All the results and judges comments are here.

I’ll write a bit more about the competition in the next few days – been busy today with organising prizes and stuff.