Surprise! I’m An NC-17 Blog

Dating site Mingle has come up with a very viral way of getting themselves out there – this automatic blog rater.

Unsurprisingly, Ms Naughty is an NC-17 blog according to their American-based rating system. They came to this conclusion because:


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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* porn (19x)
* sex (3x)
* sexy (1x)

I feel kind of disappointed. Surely they could have rated me on some far more interesting words. Just looking at my main page they could have rated me on:

* nudity (7)
* erotica (14)
* sexual (5)
* unashamedly bisexual and/or gay (1) – that’s for the conservatives
* giant penis (1) – why haven’t I said “giant penis” more often?

And I seem to have only used the word “fucking” once lately, which makes me feel I’ve been somewhat lax with my profanities.

Note to self: must try harder to be offensive and more NC-17.

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